Getting back to practicing after a break

So it’s winter break and you’ve been busy or perhaps you’ve been traveling with no access to your instrument. Whatever your situation, chances are that over the last week or so you may have had less time to practice than usual. Some people find it difficult to get back into their practice routine. If you find that you are at first reluctant to sit down with your instrument, do not despair. You are not alone! Whatever you do, don’t stress and DO attend your next lesson as that is an excellent way to get back on track and refresh and invigorate your practicing routine.

Once you are home from your travels or just settled back into your post holiday routine, set aside some time and sit down with your instrument. If you have been consistently practicing before the break, chances are that one bad week is not going to cause much damage, but do allow yourself a period of re-acquaintance. Just relax and begin your normal warm up routine. Take your time with it too. Don’t rush through those warm-ups. You are not trying to make up for lost time or catch up – you are simply working to get back to where you were. Allowing yourself to take a couple of days to do that will help you to relax and enjoy this time with your instrument.

Once you are warmed up take a look at a very familiar piece of music, such as one you had already completed. Don’t jump back into the piece(s) you were working on learning before the break. You might be pleasantly surprised at how well you remember that “old” piece and playing through it a few times will help to boost your confidence going forward. If you have a nice repertoire of those “old” pieces have some fun with them the first day or two. You are far more likely to look forward to your next practice session(s) if you enjoy the first few back. Once you resume your regular daily practice routine it won’t take very long to feel that you are back on track.

This short post was just a welcome back for you. No need to tackle anything new for today. Happy New Year and happy practicing.


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