Recitals are not just for kids

Many adult music students will cringe at this statement. Recitals are not just for kids, they are for everyone. Students of all ages benefit immensely from performing early and often. Our recitals are open to students of all ages and abilities. We believe that the only way to get comfortable performing is by doing it. Performing is an integral part of your music education and is sure to help to push you to the next level.

We strongly encourage but do not require our adult students to perform in our twice annual recital series and many do just that. I can assure you that there is nothing childish about recitals. It is true that the majority of our students are youngsters but it is also true that a good percentage of our adult students take advantage of the opportunity to perform at our recitals. As an adult student your performance will not only be good for you but will provide an excellent example to the younger students. We are never too old to learn, to work hard and even to make minor mistakes with poise and grace.

To address the issue of adult students who are reluctant to participate in our regular recital series, some teachers will organize recitals that are designated exclusively for their adult students. These recitals are smaller and can be a bit less intimidating. One model would be for the recital to take place in the studio where regular lessons are held.  The students will gather, relax, chat, share some thoughts and ultimately take turns playing their instrument for one another.

This format is more informal than the standard recital which does not provide time to get to know the other performers and is generally in a larger venue with a larger audience.

Even more intimate are the adult recitals that are organized to be held in the home of one of the teacher’s students. Typically a student will open their home to no more than ten to twelve other adults along with their teacher. Each participant can bring a contribution for a pot luck lunch. The recital begins with time for refreshments and conversation. The setting provides the impetus to create not only a relaxing atmosphere but one of real camaraderie.

In either of the two models mentioned above the teacher might begin the actual performance segment of the event by volunteering to be the first performer. Though there are no written programs the teacher will organize the performers in such a way as to prevent the beginners from being intimidated by the more experienced students. Again, no one is forced to play.  Some students begin with a reluctant performance but really warm to the opportunity quickly.

Even if you are sure that you will not perform, if you are invited to a recital you owe it to yourself to make every effort to attend. You are sure to have a very nice time and to be inspired by the other students, whether they are your peers or the younger students. Some day you will perform and once you do you will be very pleasantly surprised at how much you get out of the experience and of how much value it adds to your music lessons.




2 thoughts on “Recitals are not just for kids

  1. I am a new adult voice student of Karen’s and I would welcome the opportunity to perform! Are the recitals open to adult singers as well?


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