Tell us how you feel about lessons and practicing

For several years I’ve been writing posts and sharing information from our perspective. It is now your turn to share with us. We would love to hear what you like or even dislike about certain aspects of your lessons and your practicing between lessons. We hope you will share your feelings, accomplishments and your frustrations.

We welcome you to share your positive and negative thoughts but ask that either way you express yourself in a constructive manner. You might want to let us know about the struggles you have had and how you overcame them. Perhaps you are currently struggling with something that we can collectively help you with.

It would be wonderful to hear about aspects of your lessons that had far reaching effects on your life. Would you like to share any meaningful exchange you have had with a teacher, a memorable lesson or any other special music lesson related memories?

Don’t be shy. This is an acceptable format to pat yourself on the back as well as a safe place to admit that something is just not working. We have all experienced the frustrations of getting stuck in our musical pursuits. The goal of this blog has always been to be there to encourage you and to guide you to do what needs to be done to overcome obstacles and help you to persevere with your lessons because we know the rewards of doing so.

This post is addressed to students of all instruments, all levels and all abilities.


2 thoughts on “Tell us how you feel about lessons and practicing

  1. I am very much enjoying my Ukelele lessons with Chris. He is very patient and fortunately, for me, has a wonderful sense of humor. I am a senior citizen and have not taken music lessons in many years; I was not sure learning something new would be possible. Thanks to Chris, I am slowly learning to play an instrument. My struggles are changing chords and I spend a lot of time practicing doing that.
    Thank you very much,Chris, I am having a great time learning and practicing.


    1. Thank you so much Harriet. It is wonderful to hear about how much you are enjoying your ukelele lessons with Chris.

      I too am an adult student and can relate to your comment about the challenges of quickly changing chords. It is a fact that our reflexes slow down as we age. As you mention it is necessary to spend a lot of time practicing whatever it is that is presenting the biggest challenge. Something that I find helpful when I am practicing to play something faster is to isolate just a few measures at a time and really drill them. I begin with a very slow tempo (using a metronome to keep a consistent beat). I then repeat those measures at that slow tempo until I can play them smoothly. Then I increase the tempo and repeat the process, etc.. Over the course of many practice sessions I add additional measures. With time and patience I find that I really can increase my speed. When I get near the actual tempo I feel really proud of how much I have accomplished. That makes all of that hard work very worthwhile.

      I play cello so chords are not a frequent issue but passages with fast notes are. The above process is applicable to all instruments. We would love hear other comments and suggestions.


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